A Challenge for You and for Me

So today I learned about Sonship and living out of a whole heart at my ministry internship in Grove City. It was so good to realize the lies I believed about God the Father, and in turn replace those lies with truth about Him. For example, I thought God would never be satisfied with my performance because I can never possibly be perfect. My relationship with Him was basically me striving and trying to measure up to His standard, when in reality all He wants is for me to know that He loves me. I can never be perfect, but God doesn’t see my imperfections. He sees the finished product of a pure vessel He has made with Rachel Smith, and He is also walking with me on this journey of perfecting and molding my heart to be one with Him. Every day I wake up in the morning, and I find that even in my sleep God has started to burn away desires and sinful thoughts that don’t align with His heart. He has started a Holy Fire within my heart that lives on perfect oil, and anything that isn’t of His spirit is being burnt out or rooted out. It’s a redemptive and beautiful journey, but there is pain and a lot of emotional struggle that goes along with this process. It’s a good thing He is my protector, and in my weakness He is strong. 

Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

(Side Note: I used to hate reading this verse or anything else in the Bible that spoke to purity because I used to live out of a lie that claimed I wasn't pure. I used to think that I couldn't be pure because of the sin I had committed. I thought I had gone too far from the group of sheep and explored too much, and the shepherd could not possibly find me in my mess. God broke that lie a week ago, and I can finally read these verses again and embrace them as God joyfully purifying my heart. I don't want to hide in shame anymore and avoid these beautiful verses!) 

This verse isn’t just talking about guarding our heart within relationships with the opposite sex. It’s talking about guarding our heart against things that can plant bad seeds and in turn produce bad fruit. Movies, music, conversations, and books can all plant bad seeds if we are not keeping watch. I’m not saying take it to the extreme and only listen to Christian music or Christian movies, but be aware of what you are putting through your mind. Don’t give the enemy a chance to slip in and start to plant seeds that can cause sin or bad fruit. When we’re living out of a whole heart fully devoted to the presence of God, His presence will be so strong within us that we can change atmospheres when walking into a room. We can minister to others simply by being there. It’s not us though, it’s all Jesus. Jesus wants to shepherd His children by using us. We are instruments of bringing God’s love and grace into someone's heart.

I’ve heard a lot of speeches on guarding my heart from worldly influences that can produce bad fruit. I’ve known this since I was probably 10 or 11. But being reminded of this right after breaking a lot of lies within my heart a week ago was important because I want to be actively seeking and watching for things that may not be good for my heart. I don’t want to just write down the 4 easy steps of living out of pure and whole heart in my journal. I want to actually do it. God is not only speaking to my heart, but He is also engaging my heart and spirit to do what I hear.

So this week I have 51 hours of work scheduled, and during work and in the in-betweens I will be consistently seeking after the heart of God. I want to live out of a whole heart within the interactions I have with other people and in the quiet place with Jesus. I pray for supernatural encounters with Jesus privately and in public. I want to see His kingdom advance this week. I ask that you join with me in this and live in His presence. He promises that if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us.


kriegerkj1 said...

GAHHHH You're incredible.

Orion Correa said...

So happy for you. This is amazing. It blows my mind when I get to see a bigger connected picture of what God's doing in your life beyond just a few scattered interactions