Expressing Love to the Invisible

I think about Jesus a lot. I read about Jesus a lot. I pray to Jesus a lot, but I rarely feel Jesus a lot. I worship something that is invisible. I talk to someone who is invisible. I read about someone who is here but still invisible. 

What's the point? Why is Jesus invisible? Why does He expect me to love Him?

Jesus showed me something. An invisible person and spirit actually put something in front of my face.  He showed me my worth. 

That's so backwards. Why would he show me my worth when all I see is my failure and all I want to see is His glory?

Because our King is a humble King. He left his throne and lived inside a virgin's womb for nine months. Because when he shows me my worth, all I want to do is give Him the glory for that worth. My worth is only existent because of the Creator. 

I'm a new creation. I pick up my cross every morning and walk because of the Holy Spirit inside of me. My flesh tells me to stop, but my Spirit tells me to go. I can sing and say, "I love you, Lord," because of my identity in Christ. I can enjoy the warmth and laughter of the Holy Spirit. It's all because of Jesus, the King. 

So yes, Jesus is invisible, but He's so real. He loved me first, and now I can love him. I can show him love by turning my heart away from the "treasures" of the world and towards Him. I can show him love by creating songs, dances, and paintings. I can use the talents he instilled in my heart and love His people through them. 

"Because you are His daughter or son, God sent the Spirit of his Son into your heart, the Spirit who calls out, "Abba, Father!" " Galations 4:6

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