Our House

There is freedom in knowing that I'm never going to find the perfect friend on earth. Nobody is going to be perfect, so why try to find the perfect friend that is able to take care of my heart the right way?

I like to think of my heart as a house. I own this house. It's decorated in every room to reflect who I am as a daughter. Every room has a purpose, and the most untouched part of my house is my bedroom. My bedroom is reserved for the people who I know will come in and really appreciate why I'm letting them in there. My bedroom is usually locked for the people I know will destroy it. There have been several points in my life where I have let people in there, boys and girls, and they have decided that it wasn't important enough to them. They either immediately left without appreciating it, or they decided to rip it apart. 

It's like if you showed your best friend in first grade your most prized treasure, but they decided it wasn't that cool or threw it on the ground and stomped on it. 

My heart is so precious. Your heart is so precious. It is most precious to Jesus. Jesus is the only friend who will perfectly appreciate every room of my heart. 

I have community because friends can come into my house and see the places where it is broken. They can point out that the picture in my living room is crooked, or they can tell me that my plumbing for my kitchen needs repaired.  Jesus gave us friends so we can spur each other on into a deeper relationship with Him.

So I will build my spiritual house up with the truths of Jesus, and I will not let the enemy or unworthy visitors tear it down with deceit which births sin.