Worm theology is broken.

Who wants a father who is always disappointed in his children? There are many different people in the world with different family backgrounds; but what kind of father do you think of when you think of a good Dad?

I think of this:
A father who loves his children yearns for a relationship with them.
A father who loves his children is disciplinary when they do something wrong because he knows that they deserve better.
A father who loves his children calls them worthy to be his son or daughter.
A father who loves his children loves them without any conditions.
A father who loves his children sees them as beautiful and finds joy in their presence.
A father who loves his children finds joy in giving them gifts.
A father who loves his children keeps them safe from harm.

There are so many more aspects to loving father, but these are the qualities of a good Dad here on earth in my point of view. So when our earthly fathers fail in some of these aspects or all of them, the Heavenly Father can fulfill them all and even more.

My Heavenly Father delights in me. He loves my heart, and He loves my desires. My Daddy loves seeing me chase after my dreams.

John 3:16 "For God so loved Rachel Smith that He gave His only begotten Son, that if Rachel Smith believes in Him she will have eternal life."

God loved me before I was saved. It's so important to know that. It's so important to see that Jesus isn't this shield from God's wrath, but He's my identity. I can take on the identity of Christ and flourish within my purpose here on earth.

I can know that I'm a beloved bride who is being prepared for the bridegroom at the throne of Heaven. I am a worthy daughter who was broken and lost but is found and healed because of Jesus.

The Father loves you. He loves your laugh. He loves your smile and what you desire from life because He knows He can use that to advance His kingdom. He loves the way you worship. He calls you a worthy child because you are His creation.

"We are Your purchased possesion
We are Your royal priesthood

My dad, He's not angry
He's not disappointed with me
My dad, He's not angry
He's smiling over me

For soon is coming a day
Soon is coming a day
Of the gladness of Jesus' heart
The day of his wedding"
Marriage Wine by Jon Rizzo