The Abyss

I am saved.

What does it mean to "be saved"? Saved from what? Death? That may be true, but what does being saved mean for my life? That I should be good every day, do my devotions, and go to church? 

I've done that for a while now. Of course I'm not always good, and I don't always do my devotions. I even don't go to church all the time. GASP. I am a sinner.

My relationship with Jesus doesn't revolve around the religious activities I'm involved in or the devotions I read. Those things are good and edifying, but what keeps me whole is accepting the gifts Jesus has for my life. Every single day, Jesus showers me with gifts I don't deserve at all. He allows me to live and be apart of the Kingdom He is advancing on this earth. He has a purpose for my life. That purpose is full of blessings and suffering because some of the Lord's blessing comes through suffering.

Suffering is extremely hard. Everyone in the world understands suffering in some kind of way. Whether it's being heart broken over a relationship or grieving from a lost loved one, we all know suffering on some kind of level. On Friday, July 20th I got my tonsils removed. I knew it would be a hard recovery from what people had said to me, but I didn't know how emotionally and physically difficult this recovery was going to be. I couldn't eat solid food for a week straight, and when I ate liquid foods it still was the most difficult task to perform to survive. I guess that's how a lot of our sufferings are in life. We think we can be prepared for what's ahead, but in reality we don't have a clue how to survive and keep going. What keeps us going is the strength of Christ. I didn't necessarily kneel down and ask the Lord to give me strength every day, I just kept going because I knew I had it. I knew God was giving me strength.

God blessed me through suffering. He blessed me with patience. He's been giving a lot of that to me lately with several things in my life. My relationship with Christ has been consistent not because of my consistency, but because Christ is consistent with me.

Jesus Christ is consistent with me.

Most of all, Christ is patient with me when I don't want to be near him. 

Christ died for me. I am saved because of His ultimate suffering and sacrifice. He has given me a purpose in life to love others and share burdens with them.

I have no idea what kind of overall message this blog has. I guess it's just food for thought. It's what I've been discovering in the massive abyss of wisdom Jesus contains.